Human Rights Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation is the world's leading organization fighting for human rights in authoritarian countries.

After over a decade of working with some of the most dedicated and talented human rights activists around the world, the organization decided to rebrand in order to expand its reach.

We started with several intensive brand strategy sessions. During this time, we were able to lock in on the most successful elements of the organization, their key partners, donor demographics, and audience segments.

Based on our strategy and market research, we were able to look at the way the organization looked and messaged itself with clear eyes.

HRF’s messaging was generic, and didn’t fully encompass the power of the work they did.

Likewise, their visual identity was not unique. They were often easily confused with other organizations working in the human rights space.

We developed new brand guidelines, including a new visual identity, logo, color schemes, typography, as well as an entirely new messaging strategy including a new tone, voice, and brand story.

The result was a dynamic new Human Rights Foundation that is easily identifiable and understood all around the world.